We respect the continuing connection to land, waters and culture by our First Nations peoples

Flinders Ranges (Nukunu/Banggarla/Adnyamathanha)

The gorgeous Flinders Ranges is one of Australia best walking destinations. In the north you have Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park, and the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. These northern reaches are home to the spectacular Wilpena Pound. In the south you have many Conservation Parks to explore. Plus the Mount Remarkable National Park. Our walks take you to a variety of trails in both the north and south Flinders Ranges. Some of these are less visited but all offer awe-inspiring landscapes. We provide varying itineraries that sample different walks, accommodation styles and experiences to cater for all tastes and budgets.

More than just a trek…

  • We include invitations for you to connect deeper with nature on our guided tours.
  • Pre-departure training walks and a fitness program are included on guided tours which are 5 days duration or longer.
  • Travelling with us helps sustain the land you visit because we only provide 2 public departures per year for each guided walk.
  • Our in-house travel specialists can also package your walk to include flights, insurance and add-ons if coming from outside of Adelaide.

Group-Guided Walks

Women’s Mambray Creek Micro Adventure including equipment and camping on the trail
Southern Flinders Ranges walking tour for women with yoga and beautiful meals
Northern Flinders Ranges walking tour for women to the ancient Flinders Ranges
Journey north of Wilpena Pound for an unforgettable and remote walking adventure
Experience far North Flinders Ranges and relax overnight in a peaceful private lodge
Safely complete the final 85km of the Heysen Trail in the Northern Flinders Ranges
Venture to remote arid regions on a camel trek with professional cameleers

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