Independent auditing and reporting

Does your walking trail need an audit?

Answer these five questions to find out.

  • Has your walking trail been reviewed in the last year?

Factors that impact on a walking trail include the natural environment, vandalism, theft, weather, and everyday use


  • Was the review carried out by an independent auditor?

Independent auditors can better represent everyday users other than employees or maintenance groups that are familiar with the trail


  • Does your trail use an ‘Action Plan’ that directs required maintenance work?

A list of prioritised tasks to help guide employees, Friends of Parks groups, and private contractors


  • Has there been a change in foot or bike traffic along the trail?

An increase in traffic leads to erosion and wear on a trail. It also can lead to infrastructure and environmental damage, and an increase in rubbish. On the other hand a decrease in traffic can lead to vegetation growth obstructions and wayfinding problems


  • Have recent fires or major weather events occurred in your region?

Fires and weather events can damage signage and adjacent bushland. Leading to trails becoming undefined, obstructed and reducing structural integrity

We are here to help.

Breakdown of service

  • Set fee $500/day
  • Comprehensive physical trail audit by two qualified bushwalking leaders
  • Detailed report provided in PDF format
  • Mapping with images and trail notes
  • GPS coordinates
  • Reference to IMBA Guidelines, AS 2156.1-2001 and AS 2156.2-2001