Big Heart Adventures acknowledge our First Nations peoples. We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present

Who we are

We’re a tour operator and travel agency specialising in walking and wellness experiences, active travel, adventure travel and accessible travel.

Our focus is to provide the best opportunity for you to grow while reaching your goals and aspirations.

We love to laugh, and our team of super friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure you have the best adventure possible.

What we do

We connect you with yourself, the natural environment, and the adventure community.

We do this by providing authentic experiences with a focus on your well-being, fitness, and confidence.

Emphasising personal development and positive mental health outcomes in nature. Our tours, experiences and wellness walks cater for all abilities, from beginner level through to advanced.

How we do it

We provide more than just a trek…

  • We include invitations for you to connect deeper with nature
  • Our in-house travel specialists assist with flights and add-ons. Saving you stress, time and money
  • Pre-departure training walks and a fitness program are included on trips 5 days duration or longer
  • Touring with us helps sustain the land you visit because we only provide 2 public departures per year
  • Our walks are boutique and are designed to maximum your enjoyment of the places you visit
  • Our international tours include our local bilingual guide and a guide from Australia who will provide assistance each day including travel days.

Our Team

Big-hearted, Adventure-loving, High-spirited, Inspiring…


Lisa Murphy

Chief Adventurer

Ian Murphy

Chief Operations

Kim Sutton

Senior Adventurer
Cherie Image

Cherie Rothery


Colleen Malthouse


Dawn Marsh


Eva Maria Garcia Valladares


Gill Peacey


Kirstie Hawes


Kristen Willson


Kylie Beer


Linda Hurcombe


Mike Rhodes


Rod Quintrell


Xan Lamphee

Our Vision

  • Connect people with themselves and the natural environment, while improving their mental well-being, self awareness, and their fitness
  • Offer socially conscionable and sustainable travel experiences in South Australia, interstate and abroad
  • Encourage those new to bush walking and hiking to develop skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to take on more active challenges and adventures
  • Provide a whole package experience that empowers clients with pre-travel support and fitness. Plus roomy and safe transport, beautiful food, comfortable accommodation and personal well-being
  • Connect walkers to our First Nations people. Broaden minds, encourage self-discovery and heighten cultural awareness
  • Encourage accessible travel through our agency, offer local programs that are inclusive, and increase Accessible Tourism in SA

Our Give-Back

We choose to support charities and support agencies that do amazing work in the communities we visit.
Plus, we continually improve the inclusivity and accessibility of our walks and events via our ‘pay it forward’ walking initiative.


Friends of Parks South Australia strongly supports the protection of flora, fauna, heritage, and important or significant sites. They also support a network of robust park-based volunteer groups. Big Heart Adventures donates yearly to The Friends in appreciation of the wonderful work they do in sustaining and protecting the lands we visit.


HDFA Himalayan Development Foundation Australia works with local partners to support Nepalese people in remote, rural communities. To better their lives in the ways that works best for them. Choosing to provide slow, gentle, long term support for just a handful of areas. Up until 2015 HDFA had focused on a few villages in the Kanchenjunga region of Eastern Nepal. With the devastation brought by the earthquakes of 2015 they have broadened their approach. Initially through emergency relief with partners PHASE Nepal. Supporting further post-earthquake reconstruction in Sindupalchowk and now moving to a long view program in this same District.

Our Supporters

We are appreciative of the fantastic industry organisations that support us.

Why Book With Us

  • We always provide you with more than just a trek
  • Our walks are boutique and are designed to maximum your enjoyment of the places you visit
  • We’re a family owned and ethical business, giving to community support agencies locally and abroad
  • Your success in achieving your personal goals is what drives us
  • We respect the natural environment, indigenous significance, and the destinations we travel to
  • We’re passionate, knowledgeable and experienced travellers, trekkers and wellbeing facilitators
  • We’re South Australian and we provide the largest range of South Australian wellness walks, walking tours and experiences


What if bad weather is forecast?

We schedule our walks to occur during cooler weather. We obtain up to date weather forecasts and inform our walkers on what conditions will be encountered and what gear will be required each day. If unseasonal heat is forecast or extreme weather warnings are issued that pose a risk, we will cancel the walk for that day. If this occurs on a multi-day tour we will try to provide alternative arrangements or modify the itinerary for that day. If this occurs prior to a single day walk we will cancel and provide a refund.

Why do you provide training walks for trips?

We want everyone to enjoy their walking holiday. As individuals, preparing yourself properly is they key to maximising your enjoyment and the groups enjoyment when away. This is why we provide free training walks and or a free training program that is specific to the trip. We also provide group chats via Zoom. These will assist you to practice on terrain that you are likely to encounter, meet other group members, ask questions on what to expect, receive advice on the trail, travel, and the destination, and gage your level of fitness compared to other group members.

What if I am too slow and hold everyone else up?

Everyone walks at a different pace so our Adventure Leaders are trained in managing group walking. The group pace we choose will allow everyone to talk, laugh, and appreciate their surroundings….after all we walk for wellness. Also, we want everyone to experience the benefits from walking. That is why we provide day walks and walking tours, hikes, and treks for all abilities and fitness levels. Please choose a walk that matches your fitness level, and if you are unsure please connect with us for advice.

Will the walking pace be too slow for me because I am a fast walker?

We do allow group members to walk at their preferred pace especially when going uphill. However for safety we will require everyone to regroup at regular intervals and at trail and road intersections. If you are unable to modify your pace to match the group pace. We recommend the following strategies.

  1. Carry extra weight in your pack, this will create a more challenging walk and reduce your pace.
  2. Turn and walk back to the group if you find yourself getting too far infront, this will increase your walking distance and prevent you from getting cold waiting.
  3. Walk at the back of the group and focus on your surrounds and others, this will slow your mind down and your pace.

Can you cater for my dietary needs?

Yes, please tell us your requirements when booking. It is important that you inform us as soon as possible because if you leave it too late or whilst on the trip then there is no guarantee that last minute changes can be made. Some destinations provide a set menu, but there is usually options available.

What are wellness walks?

Wellness walks and wellness tourism can be defined as travel experiences that provide opportunities to maintain or improve personal wellbeing. Our walks are designed with this in mind, from both a mental and physical perspective. Nature is a great healer, so all our walks provide you with invitations to connect deeper with nature as part of the journey.

What if I or someone is unwell?

We are an accredited COVID Clean Practicing Business. This means we have procedures in place to prevent exposure and limit the unlikely spread of the COVID-19 virus or similar contagious respiratory viruses. These procedures take effect prior to the start of all our walking tours, trips and events. We comply with all Government advice and conditions imposed. We take the temperature of all attendees when required, practise good hygiene, and carry out cleaning of surfaces. If a group member is unwell they might be required to isolate or wear a facemask to prevent exposing other group members. All our Adventure Leaders have first-aid training and will assist if you or a group member becomes unwell. For multi-day walks, we recommend you obtain personal travel insurance to cover any costs that you may incur due to sickness. 

Why do you charge for walks?

The amount we charge is to cover our expenses including insurances. These expenses go towards ensuring the safety of all participants. Therefore all our walks are guided by our paid Adventure Leaders. Our leaders are knowledgeable, experienced, qualified bush walkers and undertake certified wilderness/remote area first-aid training regularly. We do not use volunteers, so if there is an incident our leaders take responsibility for managing the situation and your well-being. We are also required to pay Government fees for everyone that walks with us in a National/Conservation Park or Reserve. These fees go towards the maintenance of the trails we walk.

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