Women’s Far North Flinders Camel Trek



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Venture to arid regions in South Australia on a camel trek with professional cameleers


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Women’s Far North Flinders Camel Trek

Swags, Campfires and Camels

Trek with camels and experience Adnyamathanha Country like never before.

We take you beyond Blinman in the Far North Flinders Ranges, where an ancient landscape reaches a galaxy of stars.

Walking pack-free (day pack only) with a team of eleven camels to carry our gear, we trek a wide loop from the camel farm and through the neighbouring sheep station. Travelling as a ‘train’, our pace is determined by the terrain, our abilities, and our lead camel. We enjoy sections of creek bed walking, rocky hills, bush, and station tracks throughout each day as Country imparts wisdom. As well as knowledge of ornithology, geology, history and astronomy from our head cameleer.

Camping out under the stars at night, we embrace the simplicity and serenity of our daily routine, surrounded by spectacular vistas and enjoying the time to connect. With evenings around the campfire before retiring early and drifting off with the sights, sounds and scents of the outback, this women’s camel trek will linger long after you return home.

Professionally led by expert cameleers and our qualified female bushwalking leader, this unique adventure is a beautiful opportunity to Find Yourself Be Yourself Challenge Yourself.


Day 1 | Adelaide to Flinders Ranges / Blinman

It’s an early start from Adelaide this morning as we head north in our comfortable private transport, ready for adventure in the stunning Far North Flinders Ranges.

We enjoy morning tea in Port Wakefield, before continuing our journey and noticing the landscape change with the Flinders Ranges gradually rising on our eastern side. Crossing the Ranges just before Quorn, we stop for lunch in Hawker, then continue our journey north to Blinman.

Arriving at the camel farm by 3 pm, we are introduced to our team of camels, pack our equipment, and have our pre-trek safety briefing.

Dinner will be prepared on the campfire, a delicious taste of things to come, before we all head to bed early in anticipation of our first walking day.

Meals Included: Lunch, Dinner
Walking Distance: –

Day 2 | Camel Trek - Camel Farm to First Bush Camp

Our camel trek begins! We rise early, excited for the first day in our camel train.

Breakfast is laid out with a billy boiled for coffee and tea, as we prepare ourselves for the day ahead and gather our rolled swags. After we have eaten, the camels are loaded, and we depart around mid-late morning, which allows extra time for you to understand and get used to the process.

Loading for the first time on a camel trek appears hectic; loading times will decrease as everyone becomes more confident with the camels and our gear. Assistance will be required with the loading and unloading of the camels each day, and if you are able to help, it is much appreciated.

Once the camels are loaded, we embark on our first trekking day and begin to experience walking on Country alongside these remarkable beasts.

At lunchtime, we pull up, boil the billy, and enjoy a choice of sandwiches or wraps with meats, salads and fruit cake.

We continue to walk for a couple of hours after lunch before finding a suitable camp for the night. It’s important for the camels to feed upon the grasses and plants surrounding each campsite, so our location revolves around what is available in that area.

Upon reaching our camp, the camels are unloaded. With everyone helping, this can be achieved quickly before you are free to spend time however you wish – reading, journalling, relaxing, or assisting around camp or with the camels.

While our hoofed friends enjoy time to graze, the billy goes on, and the evening meal is prepared over the fire.

We allow plenty of time to take in the incredible landscape and aim to travel between 10 – 15 km per day. This is flexible and depends on the camels and how you feel each day.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Course Dinner
Walking Distance: 10 – 15 km

Day 3 | Camel Trek - First Bush Camp to Bush Camp 2

Sleeping in swags and connecting intimately with nature allows our body clocks an opportunity to reset and adjust to more natural rhythms. You may wake at dawn, eager to rise and greet the day. Or you may like to lay a moment, listening and quietly contemplating the sounds as the world around you stirs into activity.

The tinker of the billy and the wafts of morning brew will entice you into the day as you get up, dress and pack your gear ready to load.

Breakfast is had, and although our new routine still feels a little foreign this morning, the ways of the camel train will soon become second nature.

We aim to set off a little earlier this morning (around 9:30/10am) and will walk until lunchtime, briefly stopping to admire any points of interest along the way. We may see a range of animals, birds or other wildlife, as well as old mines, plants, rocks, etc. Then it’s time to refuel with some food and a cuppa.

We pull into camp around mid-afternoon, and knowing that dinner is usually served just after dark, you have time to relax.

Help with firewood collection and with the camels is always greatly appreciated. Or, if your inner chef wishes to assist with dinner preparations, from Moroccan couscous to jacket potatoes, there’s always something exciting on the menu that you can lend a hand with.

Evenings are a beautiful time as we watch the light shift and the birds put on a show. Sitting around the fire, we eat dinner, chat or star gaze, and with our bellies satisfied and our bodies tired from the day’s exertion, it won’t be long before your swag beckons.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Course Dinner
Walking Distance: 10 – 15 km

Day 4 | Camel Trek - Bush Camp 2 to Bush Camp 3

We wake this morning and notice that what appeared hectic a couple of days ago suddenly seems smoother and more straightforward as we gain confidence with the camels and our gear.

The campfire is lit at sunrise so the billy can be put on and breakfast is eaten. The camels are let off for their breakfast as we pack our gear and once complete, they are brought in and loading begins.

As we set off and fall into a comfortable pace, our camel train moves across the landscape in a meditative and synchronised motion. All of us beginning to feel connected in the time and space continuum, tuning in to the rhythm of nature and our collective movement.

Our day follows the familiar pattern, with lunch en route and finding camp by mid-afternoon. You may choose the same activity as your previous days, or mix it up with something else.

Dinner is served by the campfire, after which you may feel like sharing stories with your fellow adventurers or perhaps retreat to your swag and enjoy your own quiet, reflective moment before sleep.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Course Dinner
Walking Distance: 10 – 15 km

Day 5 | Camel Trek - Bush Camp 3 to Final Bush Camp

Dawn stirs us, and a new day begins. Lured by a fireside breakfast and a cuppa, we detangle ourselves from our swags and discuss what lies ahead: our fourth trekking day with the camels.

Although a familiar daily routine, the terrain we pass through varies greatly. There are sections of creek bed walking and also rocky hills, avoiding anything too steep with the camels.

Similar to our previous days, the route we travel today is determined by the weather, topography and the conditions of the land. Perhaps today we will stick to the station tracks, or there might be more cross-country action. It’s this element of the unknown that adds to the intrigue and excitement of each day. We are well off the beaten path, and there is always something new to discover!

Ryan is our head cameleer and has worked with camels for 18 years. He has led treks through the Simpson Desert, Strzelecki Desert, Sturt Stony and Great Victoria Desert. Ryan is an excellent bushman with a vast knowledge of ornithology, geology, history and astronomy. He has been exploring the Flinders Ranges for the past 16 years with the camels, and has a great appreciation for these wonderful animals and the environment.

Our camel train moves across Adnyamathanha Country sustainably, leaving no trace in our wake. Wherever we travel, we take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

Tonight is our last night on the trek, and as we set up our final camp, you may like to contemplate the unique experience of the past few days. Or perhaps your thoughts may be more daydreams about the hot shower you’ll be having tomorrow night.

After dinner and campfire chats, we tuck ourselves into our swags and allow the soft evening sounds to relax us as we drift into sleep.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Course Dinner
Walking Distance: 10 – 15 km

Day 6 | Camel Trek - Final Camp to Camel Farm / Blinman

This morning, having had breakfast, we pack our gear, roll up our swags, and load the camels one last time.

Once camp is packed and our hoofed friends are ready, we begin our final leg and return to the camel farm by lunchtime. Walking throughout the morning, we savour these special, uninterrupted moments. It’s a time of nostalgia, an invitation to further reflect on the past few days – the quiet, the serenity, the simplicity. Life as part of a camel train is unique and an experience far removed from most of our everyday lives.

Lunch is eaten before heading into Blinman where we check into our accommodation, and enjoy some free time to relax and get cleaned up. Later on, we all gather for a pre-dinner drink and celebrate our camel trek experience over a meal at the North Blinman Hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Course Dinner
Walking Distance: 6 – 10 km

Day 7 | Blinman / Flinders Ranges to Adelaide

Breakfast this morning is in the Miners Crib Bakery, a short walk from our accommodation. After we have eaten, our comfortable private vehicle awaits us at our accommodation, ready to be loaded with your belongings. We find our seats onboard and start our journey back to Adelaide with comfort stops along the way.

Our lunch stop will be at yet another iconic bakery (known for gourmet pies and quandong tarts). We then continue on, taking a scenic drive through the Clare Valley and arrive back in Adelaide at around 6:00 pm. We provide multiple drop-off points, including most CBD hotels in Adelaide. Please do not book flights for this evening.

Meals Included: Breakfast
Walking Distance: –

Need To Know


  • All meals and snacks as per the itinerary
  • 2 course dinners
  • B x 6 | L x 6 | D x 6
  • Swags with mattress for bush camps – Camel Farm and Angorichina Station
  • 1 night twin share rooms North Blinman Hotel (very limited single rooms available)
  • Professionally hosted by our female Leader
  • Guided Camel Trek with en-route knowledge sharing on bush-skills, ornithology, geology, history and astronomy by our head cameleer
  • Camel maintenance (optional)
  • Each trip has a Local Guide/Cameleer and Big Heart Leader
  • Group First Aid kit and emergency communication device
  • Leaders certified in Remote Area/Wilderness First Aid
  • Qualified Bushwalking Leaders
  • Small group guided experience
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Invitations to connect with nature
  • Reduce waste through recycling, reusing and composting
  • Private property access
Big Heart Extras
  • Big Heart Adventures designed ioMerino hiking top
  • Big Heart Adventures designed head sock
  • Guided pre-departure training walks and or program (trip specific)
  • Discount card for pre-departure purchases at Exurbia
  • A charity contribution to our Give Back program


  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Meals and drinks not stated on itinerary
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Sleeping accessories – pillow, sleeping bag, liner
  • Eating utensils – medium-sized plate and bowl (enamel is recommended as it is less likely to break than plastic or china), knife, fork, spoon and mug
  • Snacks

Packing List

A detailed packing list is provided prior to travel

  • Gear you will need:
  • Pillow and warm sleeping bag (with optional liner)
  • Sleeping mat (optional – a mattress is provided in your swag)
  • Eating utensils – medium-sized plate and bowl (enamel is recommended as it is less likely to break than plastic or china), knife, fork, spoon and mug
  • Wind/Rainproof jacket and pants
  • Daypack (35 litre approx.)
  • Water bottles/hydration kit (min 2Ltrs)**
  • Personal medications
  • Clothing suitable for walking that is quick drying and breathable – consider merino/synthetic clothing and beanie, gloves
  • Gaiters/sock savers
  • Sun protection such as hat, sunglasses and suncream, insect repellent, blister packs and/or hiker’s wool
  • Wet wipes/ waterless hand sanitiser
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Sleeping attire
  • Toilet paper, a small trowel and paper bags are provided for use on the trek (you may wish to bring your own to carry inside your daypack)

** Water is a precious resource during camel treks. The camels carry all of the water for the trek; therefore, there is not an endless supply. All the water on the trek is for drinking, there is no water available for washing. Waterless hand sanitiser is provided before mealtime to sanitise hands. After meals, kitchen roll is provided to clean plates. For personal hygiene it is recommended to bring along wet wipes/ face wipes to freshen up with.


There are rocky and uneven surfaces on this trek, plus group participation in loading and unloading the camels and firewood collection. Please talk to us about your accessibility needs before booking.


  • Type: Women’s Trips
  • Adventure: Women’s Far North Flinders Camel Trek
  • Destination: Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia
  • Traditional Country: Adnyamathanha
  • Group Size: Max 11 plus leaders

Fitness Requirement

  • A very moderate level of fitness is required to walk the terrain on this trip
  • You will be walking pack free (day packs only), with camels carrying all other equipment
  • You will walk on a variety of surfaces including rocks, creek beds, inclines, and loose ground
  • We recommend you do some hilly walks (up to 15km) before this trip to maximise your enjoyment
  • A positive mental attitude is needed during camel treks – it often takes trekkers a couple of days to acclimatise to the camel trekking experience
  • Trail rating: Moderate

Important Information

  • *Eligible Past Traveller Discount applies if you’ve travelled with us on any of our guided tours which were 5 days duration or longer
  • Read terms and conditions before booking
  • Itinerary and price subject to change at any time
  • Travel Insurance is recommended. Get a quote from Covermore or Go Insurance
  • Note weather, group member welfare and a range of circumstances outside our control can mean last minute changes to our itinerary are necessary once on tour
  • A limited number of single rooms are available on a first-come basis for our night in Blinman
  • Please contact us before booking any flights. Depending on flight arrival and departure times extra nights accommodation may be required at own expense
  • A minimum number of travellers are required for this trip to depart so ask someone to join you. If minimum numbers aren’t reached, we may decide to still go or we will provide a full refund
  • Training walks start 8 weeks prior to departure. We recommend you attend these walks to maximise your enjoyment and for the groups welfare when away
  • If this trip departs during Fire Ban Season – last minute changes to our itinerary or walking days may be required for safety reasons
  • We will be sleeping in individual swags
  • Private transport to and from the Far North Flinders Ranges is included from Adelaide, with multiple pick up points available in transit between Adelaide and Hawker
  • Private transport for our time at Far North Flinders Ranges is included
  • If you have additional needs please connect with us, we’re committed to being inclusive and accessible

Adventure Leaders

Our team is qualified, experienced and super friendly. We will ensure you have a fun and connecting adventure . Leaders are certified in Remote or Wilderness First-Aid. All leaders carry a group first-aid kit, emergency communications device, emergency documentation and equipment.


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