Walking Information Nights

We are passionate and love to share what we know. Learn from our experienced and entertaining guest speakers who provide expert advice and tips.

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Walking Information Nights

We offer a variety of information nights throughout the year. These nights are free ($10 refundable deposit – excluding booking fee) and cover a large range of topics. Walking information nights are open to the public and welcome men and women of all ages.

Themes include what to look for when buying hiking gear and equipment, travel destinations, and descriptions of local and overseas trails. Our hiking gear and equipment nights may include opportunities to purchase the latest high quality products at discounted prices. These events discuss topics such as how to correctly pack your backpack, what items should you carry for safety, how to make your own trail-mix, what to look for when buying clothes and equipment, and a whole lot more. Some of our travel destination events include snacks from the region to give you a taste of what to expect when travelling. These events inform you on what to expect while hiking in regions such as the Himalayas, New Zealand, and Japan to name a few. Trail information nights include detailed information on iconic walks such as The Heysen Trail here in South Australia, and trails abroad. These trails include The Camino in Spain, The Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, Everest Base Camp in Nepal, and many more.

Whether you are planning on going it independently, or with us, our information nights are a great source of information.

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