How it all started…

Big Heart Adventures was born from the idea that we can change the world through travel.

Travel broadens our minds, teaches us new lessons and challenges our ideas and beliefs while promoting tolerance. Big Heart Adventures offers themed, unique, culturally authentic, hosted group active and adventure travel experiences.

Each trip aims to raise community and self-awareness as well as raise funds for charities and non-profit organisations through corporate donation, fundraising by individual travellers and offering participation in community projects where possible in the destination country.

We offer themed trips for women only – Wise Women Walking – as well as our Challenge trips that welcome men and women & our Self Guided Adventures.

Our hiking trips are designed to show you the most scenic locations, offering physical challenge and amazing scenery that can be completed with or without porter/luggage assistance.

Our Vision

To offer socially conscionable travel experiences with an active element or challenge.

To create the whole package experience including pre-travel support with fitness, wellbeing and fundraising support.

To enhance unique cultural experiences that foster healthy active travel habits, encourage self-discovery and heightened cultural awareness.

To ensure that each trip raises awareness and funds for charities, not for profit organisations and community groups through individual fundraising and/or corporate donation with part proceeds from Big Heart Adventures.

To encourage women new to bush walking and hiking to develop skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to take on more active challenges and adventures.

Lisa Murphy: Passionate Adventurer

Hi, I’m Lisa Murphy from Big Heart Adventures!

I have spent almost my entire adult life adventuring my way through life with hiking and trekking adventures in some of the most spectacular places on this earth. I came to realise that these experiences challenged and rewarded me with a sense of accomplishment, achievement and self-confidence. I also learned so much about myself and this big wide world – travel encourages an open mind, challenges attitudes and encourages empathy and cultural understanding.

Along the way I realised I am a very average woman who thrives on laughing, keeping fit, making others feel good about themselves, challenging the norm, inspiring other women to have a go and redefine happiness through experience, not material wealth.

So now I create travel experiences to embrace just that – with an element of physical challenge, self discovery and fulfilment. We have tours for women only (Wise Women Walking) and trips for men and women.

We get you trek-ready, support you with resources and information, discount vouchers for equipment, training programs to follow and guides on fundraising to support the various causes we “give back” to as part of each trip we organise. Lisa has worked in a range of industries and careers that have shaped her path to Big Heart Adventures. Having been a social worker in the disability sector, primary school teacher and a travel agent since 2009, I have successfully operated a travel agency business from home since 2013 and travelled at every seizable opportunity in between.

When I rolled all these experiences and elements together, Big Heart Adventures was born.

When I am not hiking, you will find me running along Adelaide’s coastline or on the trails in the Adelaide Hills, hanging out with fellow triathlon buddies drinking coffee, spending time with hubby or daydreaming.
I am  allergic to house-work, wearing make-up and generally conforming……


For tours where Big Heart Adventures donate part proceeds to a cause, we set aside a set amount per traveler for donation. For tours where travelers fundraise, each traveler is encourage to raise $500-$1000 per trip. Charities and not-for-profits who lack visibility in the public eye, do not receive any form of funding or have a vested interest in the style of travel, theme or destination for certain trips will be given priority to receive funds via our fundraising or corporate donation.

If you are a charity that would like to work with Big Heart Adventures on becoming part of the fundraising process, please contact Lisa at or consider hosting your own trip.

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