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Ever thought, “there is no way I could do that trek…..” and then wondered how your once couch loving mate Dave did it when he hadn’t really been a trekker before.  Or Sally who had never walked with a pack in her life, took on the Overland Track carrying 18kg and successfully completed it – with a smile in every photo?  And she hasn’t stopped talking about it since? Now she’s talking Nepal……

These people might not have had the natural fitness or ability or conditioning for that kind of experience based on their past lifestyle or travel experiences, but they made it happen.

Looking back now, you remember them saying they were taking long bushwalks on the weekends and following a bit of a plan… oh that’s right, they trained! It is so important for us to get physically prepared for adventure travel.  You honestly can not and should not turn up to the start of the Kokoda Track or a hike to Base Camp, without getting yourself ready – the more you prepare, the more you enjoy the experience.  Simple as that.

Your training journey will make your destination more rewarding and something you will reflect on more favourably than if you hadn’t put in some hard yards first.  Believe me, you will thank yourself every step of the way for putting in the time and effort into a training program before you started your trip. It’s not just about the physical prep though but also the mental preparation.

Often we have fears and self-doubt about what we have signed up for especially if we are having a go at hiking or trekking for the first time:  Can I really do this?

How will I cope with a 15-18kg pack?

How will I function at higher altitude?

What if I get sick?

My knee blows up?

What if…..

Our anxieties around getting through the experience decrease once we have a plan, we see progress through fitness and strength improvement and lots of healthy self-talk.

Following a week by week guide to what you can do to get yourself physically ready, often at the same time works through those mental and emotional barriers by testing our weaknesses early on and conquering each of our fears as our confidence and fitness increases.   Also it helps to train with like-minded trekkers who by nature are often extremely positive, uplifting and inspiring people.

So before signing up for a trek:

If you have any health related barriers that might impact on your ability to complete an active adventure challenge, speak to your doctor – take in the itinerary details of your proposed trip.  Get the OK to aim for your goal.

Chat to us about the trip you are aiming for.  Chances are we had similar anxieties and issues getting ready for our first time there too.  We can chat it through with you and work out if the trip is right for you.

Get a training program!  Our friends at The Adventure Project can tailor a range of programs to prepare people for their first time treks AND specific treks that give them flexibility to train to their ability and skill level.

Join us for our group training walks in the Adelaide Hills April to October

Looking for a walking group to join in your state? Ask us for more info!


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